Lies That Alcohol Has Told Me

Over the past 7 years of my borderline alcoholic life, I have trusted my inner-drunk-self with some pretty shitty advice. When the problem that I have come to realize, is that I really shouldn’t have trusted any of those ideas all along. Unfortunately enough, my dear friend alcohol can be extremely convincing at times; it’s like peer pressure of adulthood! So I have compiled a list of ten lies that alcohol has told me over the years, and hopefully next time, I will remember that none of this is not good advice to follow.image

1. You’re a great dancer!

2. You’re also reeeally good at karaoke

3. You should call your ex!

4. You can eat as much fast food as you want and you won’t regret it in the morning

5. You can totally handle another shot

6. The girl you met in the bathroom is your new BFF, so you can tell her anything!

7. You don’t your shoes

8. Speak up; the people 10 feet away from you might miss out on your awesome conversation

9. Don’t worry, you have nothing to do tomorrow so you can stay out all night

10. You’re not that drunk


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