Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

Long lived the days when I could go out drinking like Tara Reid and wake up the next morning with enough energy to run a 5K and go about my day just as functionally as if I had not consumed any alcohol the night before. Nowadays the day after a wild night is spent permanently attached to my bed and/or couch ordering $55 worth of Chinese delivery and watching a Love it or List it marathon on HGTV. I have to face it; I just can’t party like I used to. Sometimes it takes up to a few days to fully recover from a hangover while I remind myself “I am never drinking again.” I can only imagine how much worse these hangovers will be years from now if they are this bad now. I know they are increasing with age and I’m not looking forward to it.


I’m not in college anymore so I’m no longer aloud to go out and be “that girl.” I have sort of entered the real world, so what I do in public could make or break me. I can’t go out and make a fool of myself with the likelihood of me running into a coworker. I can no longer post pictures of myself and my friends taking shots, dancing on bars and looking a hot mess all over the internet.


Is it wrong that I would prefer sitting at home drinking wine and watching movies rather than go out to a bar, take shots and dance like a ratchet white girl? Does this mean I’m getting old? When I go out drinking, I have to set aside at least an entire day dedicated to being hungover and I just don’t have time for that anymore.

aint nobody got time for that

Maybe my perceptions are skewed right now since I am battling a hangover as I type, but maybe I’m just growing up.



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