Month: February 2014

Life Before Technology

What did people do? How did they get by?

I don’t mean back in the stone ages when people didn’t have cars or home phones or electricity. I’m talking within the time that I’ve been alive; I’m 24 years old, but over the past couple decades technology has advanced so much… and we have become so reliant on it; I cannot imagine a life without it. Do you remember dial-up internet? You couldn’t use your phone at the same time you’re on the internet. How ridiculous does that sound today? The time it took you to navigate from one page to the felt like an eternity; nowadays we start beating our computer if it takes more than 10 seconds for a page to load.

Do you remember life before Google? Anything you ever wanted to know, you had to look up in a book. Numerous questions a day would remain unanswered. Even all of the Encyclopedias, World Books, Dictionaries, Journals, Periodicals, Magazines, and Libraries in the world combined wouldn’t be able to answer some of the questions that Google can answer for us within seconds. Imagine how difficult writing research papers would be just 20 years ago. I probably would have dropped out of college. Facts that can be researched within seconds today took forever to find answers to. Am I supposed to read every book in the library on that subject to get answers? I give up!

…Or life without iPhones or smartphones? How crazy do we become when are phones are dying? What will do without them? What happens if we are driving in the middle of a night and get a flat tire and don’t have a spare? You can’t call AAA or a friend to pick you up; you can’t google the closest gas station or rest stop. You can’t even google what you should do when you are stuck in that situation. Do you expect me to stand on the side of the highway holding me arm out, fist clenched and thumb up? These days, that will probably get you killed. Was hitch-hiking more acceptable before smartphones existed? I guess over time, the more crazy people have gotten; the serial killers and psychopaths we hear about on the news have made us scared of our own shadow nowadays. Are we supposed to be scared of the person picking up the hitcher or the hitchhiker himself? We’ve seen too many scary movies to feel comfortable picking up a random stranger in the middle of the night that uses the old, “my car broke down” excuse. Looking at the picture below, she looks like she could be a harmless person, right? How do we know she doesn’t have a gun in that briefcase? And from the hitcher’s point of view, getting in the car with strangers has always been a no-no. So do we result to walking to the closest open establishment to get help? What if you’re in the middle of nowhere? The closest exit is several miles away and you could get raped and killed walking over there. You don’t have a phone, so you can’t call 9-1-1 if someone attacks you or kidnaps you. So back to my original question; “What happens if you are driving in the middle of the night and get a flat tire and don’t have a spare? I guess you’re just S.O.L. And that’s just one example!

Do you remember life before we had GPS? “Oh no, I’m lost! Let me just pull out this enormous map of the state while I’m driving to help me find my way.” Looking at your phone for directions is dangerous enough; you can even get a citation for it if a police officer wants to be an asshole. Imagine trying to drive with a giant piece of paper in front of your face while you’re lost; now THAT is dangerous! I don’t even think I could navigate myself anywhere just using a map. I need Siri to tell me where to go, or if I take a wrong turn she can recalculate the route to help me find my way. W.W.S.D: What would Siri do?

I can only imagine some spoiled 20-something girl 20 years from now writing on the same topic, only with more advancements, making people today sound like dinosaurs.

I can’t help but wonder (okay am I turning into Carrie Bradshaw?) what other technologies will come out in the future that we will feel like we cannot get by without. Technology has simplified life so much more and I am very thankful for it. Although it is sad how reliant we have become on our technology, I don’t really care. I am just grateful to being alive in this generation and not have to deal with any of the situations that I just mentioned. 


You Belong to the City


I imagine walking aimlessly around the city, exploring local bakeries, coffee shops and boutiques.

I see myself lying in the grass, shaded under a giant Weeping Willow tree in the Public Garden, reading the latest New York Times best seller while baby ducklings swim by.

I dream of running for miles along the Charles River; clearing my mind and breathing in the fresh air.

Aspiring to check the Boston Marathon off of my bucket list someday.

I envision doing yoga in the park among hundreds of fellow yogis, freeing my mind and spirit.

Investing in a high-quality DSLR camera and taking pictures of the beautiful city’s historical landmarks and natural being.

I long to experience all four seasons of the year for the first time since childhood; to soak up the sun in the summertime, observe the leaves changing colors in the fall, the snowflakes falling on my winter wonderland then the beautiful flowers blooming in the springtime. Over and over again.

I envision someday raising a family in the city that my heart belongs to.