Recap of the 71’st Annual Golden Globe Awards


Emma Watson rocking a pair of slacks under her gown

I wonder if Drew Barrymore and Kim Kardashian had the same maternity designer?

 I thought so too!

Matt Damon looked old

Michael Douglas looked really old

Of course Jennifer Lawrence had to one-up herself falling on her face at The Oscar’s last year

By creeping up on Taylor Swfit…?

Oh no she didn’t

I knew that dress looked familiar

Emma Thompson kept it classy with her Louboutins  in one hand and martini glass in the other

What in the world was going on with Jacqueline Bisset? First of all, she looked like a hot mess. It took her a good minute and a half just to get up on stage, and her acceptance speech was award winning in itself. If you missed it, check it out below.

Jessica Lange was not thrilled about losing Best Actress in a Mini-Series to Jacqueline

Diane Keaton sings the Girl Scout song for Woody Allen

Emma Thompson sure enjoyed it


I freaking love Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I was a little surprised to see they were serving hot dogs at the Golden Globes


And of course, #SEFIES !!!!

Ouch! Reese.. Shut down!



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