It’s sad to say, but these days it’s easier to find a bad friend than it is to find a good one. We experience a point in our lives where we beginning to notice who our real friends are and those who are not. You have to take care of yourself and surround yourself with people who make you happy, people who bring out the best in you and those who inspire you. Friendships are not built around jealousy, back-talking and getting ahead, but unfortunately sometimes they are. Take a look at the people who surround you and recognize who the frenemies are; we all have them & I have compiled a list of the different types that you might have and who to look out for.


The user – This is the friend who only comes around when they need something from you. You don’t hear from them for months at a time and then when it’s convenient for them, they will come back into your life. It takes them days to get back to you when you need something and can rarely help you out with whatever you need.


The Social Networker – This is really just an acquaintance of yours whom you haven’t seen in several years or only met a handful of times. However, you are friends with them on Facebook and you are following them on Instagram and Twitter. You judge most of their pictures and think this person is pathetic based on their posts. However it all changes when he or she posts something that actually interests you. In which case, you like their post and possibly even leave a positive comment.


The old #1 – This is the friend who you’ve known half of your life, and although you two may have been thick as thieves back then, you two have now grown apart. Nowadays you rarely ever see each other, and when you do, you are thinking about other things you could be doing with this time and you often feel like you need a cocktail. A friendship isn’t a marriage, and you shouldn’t have to work at keeping it together.


The Negative Nancy – This is the friend who is always complaining about something. Every time you hang out, nothing is ever good enough and everything that comes out of his or her mouth is negative. He or she could even be a hypochondriac. This person always finds a way to ruin the night with their negative energy and brings you down with them. He or she treats you like you’re their shrink and you have run out of advice for this person.

I’m going to need another sweater


The drinking buddy – This is the friend whom you partied with all through your college years; they go out drinking several nights out of the week, they don’t really have their life together, and they party like they are still 21. There’s nothing wrong with going out every now and then, and I’m not telling you to be a boring old shrew that can’t have a good time anymore either. But let’s face it, we just can’t party like we used to. One night of hard drinking requires a full day of recovery and that’s a whole other topic in itself.


The Flake – This is the friend who is impossible to make plans with, and when it finally gets around to hanging out, he or she cancels at the last minute, coming up with some ridiculously overused excuse that you for some reason buy every time.


The competitor – You don’t know why you’re friends with this person, but this person thrives on finding ways to one up you in everything that you do, and for some reason or another, you feel necessary to compete back. This friend is constantly comparing their life to yours and strives to be better than you and making you jealous of their life.


The self-absorbed – When you are with this person, all they do is talk about what is going on in their life and never lets you get a word in. This person will talk for hours, bragging about every little detail of her life and every chance you get to chime in and change the subject, he or she somehow manages to bring the conversation back to how it relates to them.


The Gossiper – This is the friend that shit-talks everyone you know. Every time you meet up, this person has all the latest gossip on everyone and cannot keep her mouth shut. She doesn’t understand the concept of a secret and you can only imagine what she is saying about you when you aren’t around.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then it’s time to trim the fat! You don’t need all this negative energy in your life and you need to surround yourself with people who make you a better you! Not the ones who are bringing you down. Cheers to the new year, and new friends.


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