Post Grad/New Year Motivation

HAPPY 2014! It’s been about a month since my last blog entry, which touched on how I was less interested in finding a “big girl job” and more interested in sleeping ‘til noon and spending the remainder of the day watching movies and being lazy. I suppose that I got my wish, because since I graduated, I haven’t gotten much accomplished at all. I am paying for a gym membership that I don’t think I’ve stepped foot into in about two months, today was the first day I have gone for a run in over a month, and my eating habits are not exactly on the healthy side. Let’s face it; I’ve gained weight and I’m not happy about it. Who do I have to blame but myself though? Now that I’ve graduated, I have so much free time and I still make excuses why I don’t go to the gym or go for a run. It’s not like I’m completely useless though. I do still have two jobs, I work seven nights a week, but unless I am working a double, I don’t have to be anywhere until 6:00 PM. So what do I do with my free time? I sleep until noon and watch movies until I have to get ready for work. A few days after my graduation day, I went on an eight-day vacation to Mont Tremblant in Canada with my boyfriend and his family. The ski resort that we stayed in was like being in a fairy tale. We pretty much spent our days, sleeping in as late as we wanted, skiing in the day time, going out for dinner, and then going out for drinks. I had such an amazing time, and since I’ve been back it’s been hard to get myself out of vacation mode.

However, it is now a new year and I need to get my butt back in gear. Enough is enough. So here are my New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Run at least three days a week. (While I have no day-time obligations, try running every day) I was in the best shape of my life back when I was running every day.
  2. Goal: Run at least one half marathon this year. In November 2012, I went for a run on bayshore one day, and ended up running 13.13 miles in 2 hours and 14 minutes; a 10 min/mile pace. I have never registered for a half marathon before and I really would love to do the Disney Wine and Dine race this year.
  3. Find a “real” job. As much as I love it, I didn’t spend 6 years in college and thousands of dollars in student loans to be a bartender.
  4. Move. This is tough; I’ve lived in Tampa for most of my life and I’m comfortable here. I like both of my jobs, I love my condo and I absolutely LOVE my boyfriend. But those things aside, there is nothing here for me anymore. I know I don’t want to raise a family in Florida, but I don’t think I’m ready to move out of the state yet. My sister lives in Orlando, so I am pretty sure I would like to move over there to be closer to her and my niece.
  5. Buy myself a nice camera, take a photography class and pick up photography as a hobby. I have always loved taking pictures, and I don’t think Instagram is cutting it for me.

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